Saturday, March 15, 2008


It is exactly 4 years ago today that our dossier was sent to China for Maddie. All the worry to get it done. All the trouble we had with the INS was so worth it now. God knew what he was doing. Maddie is so perfect for our family. At the time our dossier went, Maddie was already 6 months old. She was living in Chengdu and totally unaware that she would soon have parents. The picture of Maddie in the walker was when she was about 5 months old and then of course the one where she is swaddled was when she was a newborn. She still has that crazy hairline :).


Chelley said...

OMGoodness all I could get on this post was the header and when I saw DTC

My heart jumped into my tummy! hehehe

Chelley said...

duh forgot to mention LOVE those pics!! How lucky are you to get the one when she was so young