Saturday, March 22, 2008

1 year ago today

One year ago today we started our journey to Sophie. It was a hard one. We had many ups and downs, but the end result was so worth it! We can't imagine life without this sweet child in our lives.
I had gone to WACAP's website like I always do to look at all of the children on the waiting child list. I just knew that our daughter was out there somewhere. Well, on this day I pulled up the list and saw that Sophie was a Promise Child. A promise child is where a donor pays for the adoption except for homestudy, travel and INS. This is part of my post I made on Sophie's blog about that day
"On Thursday, 3/23 I pulled up Wacap's waiting child as I often do. I noticed that one of the children that I had already inquired about was made a Promise Child. I was so excited because I really had wanted this little girl, but knew we couldn't do it at the time. Well, now was our opportunity. This was a sign. I was so excited. I emailed A.J. with the subject "So what do you thing?". I didn't realize that I had typed thing instead of thing until he told me at lunch. He then said the standard thing about worrying about money and I explained the whole Promise Child thing to him. He never said no and he even seemed to come around. Well when I got back from our lunch I contacted the agency. I went ahead and filled out an application stating that we had interest in adopting this child."

Reading it now makes me laugh because I misspelled think twice :).

We love you Sophie Lu and are so pleased to have you in our lives! Thank you to the donor who helped to make this possible. Words can never express our gratitude.
Oh and by the way, in case you are wondering about Easter pictures. I took a butt load. Yes, I did. I also deleted every single one of them. I almost threw my camera away. I'm such a dufus! My mom will send me some (please) so hopefully I will have some to post. It was a great day. Sophie loved looking for the eggs. She really got into it. I do have some pictures from dying the eggs last night so I will post those later.
Oh and one last thing if you are looking to adopt please go to WACAP's website and ask to view their list. They have so many beautiful boys that need homes. A lot of the boys are promise children and they also have loans attached to them. They all need homes so please go and take a look. Maddie did ask for a baby brother today :).

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