Monday, February 18, 2008

Hit by a semi

Today I felt like I was hit by a semi. It started yesterday. My lower back was starting to hurt and it just got worse today. I ended up at the ER this morning. I have a kidney infection. I haven't hurt this bad since I had the last one when I was pregnant with Brandon. We got to the ER at 0930 and left at 1:30. They lost my "sample" and I had to give them another. They withdrew 4 viles of blood as well. I was glad to get out of there. I feel a little better now. I ate some chicken noodle soup tonight and it was the best soup ever. I hope none of you have a kidney infection. It is no fun!


Chelley said...

what on earth was the comment about above?!?!?!??!

Major hugs for you and sending healing thoughts that you will be well soon!!! HUGZZZ

Jill W said...

Hope you feel better soon. Great scrapbook pages from the weekend.

Amy said...

Sounds really awful! I hope you are better soon!

Sabrina said...

How terriable, sending prayers and hugs your way for a quick recovery.


Mrs. U said...

Hi Jennifer!!!
I've been reading all your posts to catch up!!! Y'all have been busy!!

I am so sorry to hear about your kidney infection. That must certianly be horrible!! I will definitely pray for you tonight.

I LOVED the video of the girls' dance class. It is TOO cute!!! They are getting so very big!!!