Friday, February 01, 2008

7 Random facts Meme

Chelley tagged me so I'll show some love :).

1. I won a contest on the radio Friday! The girls, daddy and I are going to see Go Diego Go live on Sunday. I can not wait to see Sophie's face. Maddie enjoyed Care Bears live so I know (hope) Sophie will have a blast.

2. I won a contest on the same radio station in November. It was for a totally awesome prize that went to someone I love. I don't want to mention it because I don't want him to know that's where I got it!

3. I have REALLY small pinkie toe nails! They grow, but there just little bitty pieces of nail.

4. I've had a C-section, carpal tunnel surgery on both arms, arthroscopic ankle surgery, stitches in my forehead, glue between my thumb and pointer finger (after my hand slipped changing a tire) and my finger glued back after cutting it with a glass.

5. When we were younger, AJ and I and some friends went to downtown Atlanta one night. Some guys whistled and said some things to me and AJ got very upset and tried to start a fight with them (he probably doesn't remember that, but a girl never forgets).

6. I love my step mother and my mother-in-law!

7. I love Silver Spoons. Ricky Schroeder is so hot!

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I am tagging everyone who hasn't been tagged yet :)

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