Thursday, November 22, 2007

Not a dull moment in our house

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. Dinner was great. We didn't have turkey this year, we had steak and it was yummmmmyyyy!!!

Now to the not so dull moment. Later on tonight the girls were playing in their room. I told them to come and get their chocolate milk. Sophie's mouth was green. Her lips, teeth, tongue and gums were green. I thought she was using a marker for lipgloss, so I fussed at her for putting a marker in her mouth. It wasn't the first time. While they were drinking their milk I went to their room to get the beds ready for bed. I looked on the floor and saw something blue. I looked closer and discovered it was a tablet. I looked in the closet and discovered the PAAS Easter Egg Dye box was opened. Yep, Sophie decided she wanted to chew on it. I'm not sure how they got the box down. I put it on the top shelf. Thank goodness it was non toxic food coloring.

Sorry no pictures. It was pretty comicial to see the green teeth and tongue.

1 comment:

Chelley said...

Ohhhhhh no pictuers no fair! LOL

But wait till the poo comes out green!!!!!!