Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sister bond

First, please go over to Asher's blog and check out the new pictures. Also, please stop over there and read about Jie. He is a little 9 year old boy who wants a family. The kids at Dandong are so sweet and they all need homes.

I wanted to talk a little about the bond that Maddie and Sophie have. Even though these two have only been together for a short time(3 months on the 18th). It is amazing to watch them together. They get along so well. They have had their moments like any other siblings, but I don't think they would know what to do if one wasn't here. When Maddie had the bead stuck up her nose she pitched a fit and Sophie had to go to the hospital with them. Maddie is always helping Sophie and watching out for her and Sophie is always doing the same for Maddie. When one gets in trouble, the other is right there waiting for them. Last weekend we found a new home for our cats. I cleaned the carpets and decided to rearrange the girls bedroom. I put their beds next to each other. Maddie is always asking Sophie if she can sleep with her and Sophie always says no. I think she likes her space. Since Sophie didn't want Maddie sleeping with her, that's why I decided to move the beds closer. Well it has increased the sisterhood bond. Those two will spend hours giggling and laughing and playing with each other. I have had to tell them that I will move their beds back if they don't go to sleep. It's so hard to do that because hearing them is such a blessing and brings such joy. I am so glad that they will have each other. I am sure they will have their moments when they get older, but it's so much fun to watch them now and I hope they always remember the fun they had.

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