Monday, June 18, 2007

We survived the first day

Well we made it. Sophie went to school for the first time today. She cried when I dropped them off. Of course I knew that she would, but it sounded so pitiful. I called a little after 9 and she was sitting in her teachers lap putting a puzzle together. They said she was timid and seemed scared. They said she didn't eat much lunch and cried. She did play some and colored. When I got there to pick them up she was sitting on the floor next to Maddie with her back turned to me. I heard all the kids tell her ever so sweetly "Sophie your mama is here". It was too sweet. Tomorrow they get to go on a field trip. I am sure they will have a good time. I was really proud of Maddie. I thought for sure that she would cry this morning, but she didn't. She was really good.
Work went well. I had close to 250 voice mails and emails. I still haven't cleared all of them out. They can wait.
The pictures were taken at Target the first week we were home.

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