Friday, April 06, 2007

Freakin Cute

Here is a Maddie update:

I have been trying to convince Maddie to get her hair cut short. I think it would be cute in a bob plus it would help it grow faster. She doesn't want to. Her answer "Jesus gave me this hair".

Today I asked her if Iris was her best friend. She said yes. I asked her if Anna was her best friend. She said yes again. I then asked about Maggie and Ateria and was told yes. When I got to Kayla this is what I was told "no because I don't have enough room for all of them to sleep".

Her new favorite song is "Last Dollar". She loves to sing "One, Two, Three like a bird a sing" and she will yell it. She is such a hoot and she is such a drama queen. She is constantly on the go. This child can not sit still for very long. She loves Dora, Wizard of Oz, Diego, Wonder Pets and so much more. We are still having bedtime issues and she sure can throw a good tantrum. I can not wait until her sister gets her. She can't wait until her sister gets here.

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