Thursday, March 08, 2007


This weeks FFFF is all about hands. Here are some pictures of some hands.

Maddie's hand with her spider bite. Here's the link to the post from September 18. The finger looks much, much better now.

Here is my hand giving Maddie a cracker on Gotcha day. She loved these crackers. My sister-in-law (thanks Sarah) found some here and Maddie just loved them. They smell horrible (kind of like soy sauce and something else) but she loved them. She doesn't eat them anymore.

Here's Maddie holding or shaking the hand of one of the local women from Chengdu. Everyone was so wonderful.


Chelley said...

OUCH on the finger!!! omg tht looked super sore...... I love the one in China shaking hands with the lady

bbmomof2boys said...

You are so lucky with her little finger!! My son got a spider bite. It got infected and landed him in the hospital for 3 days with MYRSA! yuch!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures!!