Friday, February 23, 2007

Photo Challenge

This weeks FFFF is an assignment. I was assigned the letter P and have to name 10 things I love that start with that letter.

1. Parent - I love my parents and I love being a parent. It's the most incredible thing in the world.

2. Pickles - I love pickles. I love dill pickles. I hate the little pickles that they put on top of the sandwiches at Cracker Barrel. (The pickle picture is from the Mount Olive New Year's pickle drop. Looks like fun).

3. Pop Rocks - They rock. It is so much fun to let them sit in your mouth.

4. Panama City Beach - I love it. Maddie loves it. She can not wait to go back to the beach and I can't wait to take her and sissy.

5. Paul McCartney - Yes I love Paul McCartney. I love all of his music. Admit it, you knew that he and Heather wouldn't last.

6. Paul Simon - I love Paul Simon too. I am so old.

7. Penguins - I'm a closet penguin fan. Aren't they cute?

8. The Princess Diaries - I love both of the movies. It's so much fun to watch it and imagine what if you were a Princess.

9. Pong - Who doesn't love pong? It was a classic. I know it would bore Brandon to death, but it was great. I used to love turning it on and listening to it. You didn't have to have the TV on.
10. Pink - Not the singer, the color. It's great to finally have a girl so I can have the color pink. It helps that she likes it as well.

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