Sunday, January 21, 2007

Help my baby

Here is a video of Maddie sleeping. Poor thing can't breathe. She sounds so pitiful. Tomorrow we are going to the doctor. She is really hoarse today and isn't her normal self. I know she doesn't feel good. I wish there was something that we could do to help her breathe. She has a hard time sleeping during the night because of it. We have tried Vapor Rub, the Sudafed night light things, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and all kinds of different medicines. I am going to ask the doctor if we can do a sleep study. Last night when I was sleeping with her, she seemed to stop breathing for a couple of seconds. Scared me to death that's for sure.

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Mrs. U said...

Hi Jennifer!!
This is scary! Could it possibly be her tonsils? Maybe they are swollen and need to be removed?

I will pray!