Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sorry so long

Sorry so long between post. It's been a crazy week and weekend around here. Here's whats been going on:
1 - Maddie has slept all night for the last 2 nights (and in her own bed). This is a huge milestone because it has been over a year since she has done this. She had been sick and we got slack with her sleeping because she couldn't breathe and would cough and so forth. I don't know if it's because of the time change or not, but it's been wonderful.
2 - Brandon has started shaving. I'm so sad. He's growing so fast. I posted the picture of him shaving. He was upset because I took his picture. He doesn'tlike for me to take his picture and he hasn't had a school picture taken since the 4th grade. I had to get a picture of this milestone.
3 - We went to Trunk-n-Treat. Maddie and Brandon had a good time and enjoyed the candy. Maddie was a princess. AJ brought the tractor and did the hayride. Fun was had by all. Today is Halloween and more fun will be had by all I'm sure.

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Mrs. U said...

Maddie is TOOO cute!!!!! I'll bet she is sooo excited about being a big sister!!!

I remember when Joshua started shaving a few years ago. I took pictures, too, and he thought I was nuts. All I could think was "he's gotten big SOOO fast!!!".

I can't wait til y'all bring Sophie home!!

Mrs. U