Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Feeling a little blah lately.

Maybe it's the anniversary of 9/11, maybe it's waiting for Sophie, maybe it's the impending birthday of a certain soon to be 3 year old that we all know and love, maybe it's because we haven't slept thru the night in I don't know how many months thanks to the aforementioned soon to be 3 year old, maybe it's because the new TV season hasn't started and I miss my Desperate Housewives, but I'm in a funk. I have no giddy-up as Kramer would say. I have so much to do, but just don't want to do it. I need to make Maddie's Sleeping Beauty (or Booty has she calls her) costume for Halloween. I need to scrapbook like mad. I need to get Maddie and Sophie's room fixed, but I just can't. Any advice? Any good movies to help you get over the funks? Maybe when Sophie's dossier goes to China, I will feel more like my old self. I hope so. I don't like being in a funk. P.S. I thought everyone would like to see a picture of a baby panda. This isn't the one from the Atlanta zoo that was just born. This is one from Chengdu when we were there for Maddie. Of course, the one's at the Atlanta zoo are from Chengdu so there is a little red thread connection. Maddie likes looking at the panda's there. We'll have to take her soon since the baby was born.

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