Thursday, February 09, 2006

A little sad today

Okay, I'm a little sad today. I got an email from Pamper's that said "your child is 29 months old now". I can't believe she is 29 months. Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that we were rushing around trying to get all of our paperwork done so that we could be DTC (date to China) as soon as we could. We started our paperchase in July 2003 and we were DTC in March 2004. We got our referral on 9/8 and our Gotcha Day was 11/9. It was an incredible day and as I held that tiny (19lb) 13 month old, I couldn't imagine our life without her. As I held that still tiny (albeit 32lb) 29 month old tonight, I still can't imagine life without her. She is so funny. The other day I was giving her some medicine and I put it in my Dr. Pepper to try to get her to drink it. She took a sip and made that yucky face. I made her drink the rest of it and then she went to her daddy. She told her daddy "I no like Pepper". He thought she meant real pepper and told her not to eat it then. I explained that I put her medicine in my drink and she didn't like it. Then yesterday morning the first thing out of her mouth was "I no like Pepper". I guess I cured her of the Dr. Pepper habit. She adores Brandon and wants to be with him all the time. I am pretty sure that Brandon adores her, but he's 12 (again where did the time go and I will save that for another post) and adores his XBOX live. She sleeps in a big girl twin bed and is having her first spend the night guest this weekend. My little sister (Maddie's 6 year old aunt) is coming to spend the weekend. They have a great time together and I kind of miss not seeing my little Gracie all the time so I can't wait either (Hannah I know you read this and I miss you too, but your 12, again where has the time gone!).Oh, Maddie still loves her spicey food, still loves her daddy, still loves to ride tractors, is almost out of diapers, she loves her Lisa from school and she loves candy. She also still loves to drag her blankie with her, but is leaving it behind a little more everyday (also another sad thing). Well that's it for now. That's a little Maddie update. I'll update Brandon this weekend sometime. He's grown alot as well.

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