Sunday, October 16, 2005


We had a wonderful time at the mountains this weekend. We went to the apple orchard, Burt's Pumpkin Farm and Amicola Falls. As you can see at the pumpkin farm, little missy fell asleep. We put her in the wheelbarrow to take her down to the pumpkins and then we woke her up once we got down there. She had a great time. She loved riding in the motorhome where she didn't have to ride in her carseat, which everyone knows she hates. She loved going down the slide at the apple orchard. If you check out our website there is video of her going down. She had a blast. She also loved the creek at the pumpkin farm. When I put her in it she said she was too cold. When her daddy put her in it, magically she was fine. She loved it. She would splash eveybody and even sat down a couple of times. Brandon was at his uncle's house and I'm sure he had fun there too. I don't think apples and pumpkins are really his thing. Posted by Picasa

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